Integrating Zendesk with Juro for seamless contract management

Integrating Zendesk With Juro for Contract Management

When it comes to customer service, Zendesk is a proven solution. It’s used by many of the world’s leading brands for good reason.

However, it’s still common for teams to struggle with contract management processes. This can result in unnecessary admin, context switching and friction as tickets move between tools.

Create a contract in a few clicks

With a contract management tool that’s fully integrated with Zendesk, commercial and legal teams can easily create contracts using automated templates in just a few clicks. By combining these two tools, your team can avoid the need to manually update tickets or switch between different tools in order to process contracts, which helps eliminate wasteful workflows.

As a cloud-based customer service platform, Zendesk helps businesses communicate with customers through text, mobile, phone, email, and live chat. Its powerful and flexible platform supports startups and small businesses, as well as growth companies and enterprises across a wide range of industries. Its robust features include a customer feedback management system, ticketing, and a self-service portal. Its pricing is competitive, with a number of affordable plans.

Automate the creation of contracts

Contracts contain all sorts of valuable pieces of information. Yet, all too often, this data ends up trapped in paper or PDF contracts, unable to be used to generate future contracts automatically or even to help inform business decisions.

With Juro’s contract management software, you can automate the creation of contracts using pre-approved templates when a deal reaches certain stages in your sales cycle. This reduces the need for back-and-forth collaboration between teams, ensuring the terms of the contract are accurately reflected in the final version.

SproutLoud wanted to be able to create and eSign contracts directly within Zendesk, the platform their team spends most of their time in. With the integration between Juro and PandaDoc, they were able to create a contract template in PandaDoc, have it populated with details from their deal in Zendesk, send for electronic signature and track the status of the sent contract. All without ever leaving Zendesk.

Push copies of signed contracts straight into Zendesk tickets

Zendesk is a popular tool for customer support but many teams don’t know how to use it to manage their contracts. Integrating it with a contract management solution like Juro can help to make life easier for commercial, legal and HR teams.

Using an integration with Juro, contract data can be automatically pushed into Zendesk tickets as draft contracts are ready to sign. This saves time and reduces the risk of small but costly mistakes when manually populating contracts. It also means that commercial, legal and HR teams can create contracts without needing to switch between tools.

Individuals from certain regions have a right to access the personal data that is held about them by businesses. Using an integration with Juro, you can easily export the data of an individual to meet this requirement.

Keep other teams in the loop

Keeping other teams in the loop during contract management is essential to avoid confusion and frustration for both parties. This requires a seamless integration between the software and the work tools used by other departments. One such solution is Unito, a no-code integration platform that supports popular work tools like Jira, Trello, and Asana. By connecting these tools to Zendesk, users can keep engineering, sales, marketing, finance, and product teams in the loop about progress with contracts.

SupportLogic’s Census app enables customer service agents to use data and automated workflows to anticipate escalations before they happen, allowing them to take preemptive corrective action. Clients using this app have seen a 56% reduction in their escalation rate. In addition, Stream integrates with Zendesk to create a shared inbox for customer conversations, while the Help Scout plug-in lets support teams pool customer questions and answers across departments. This helps teams deliver more helpful responses, especially during high-volume times.

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